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Older Adults

Ageless Learner – Curious for Life!
A well organized, extensive site with a lot of information including such topics as create a learning culture, assessments, articles, books, and affiliations.

A nice article titled "How Adults Learn" from the above site.

Celebrating Older Learners Seminar Report
This report provides background information on projects that were presented and text of speeches given at the seminar. Additionally, practical tips and recommendations for planning and hosting educational activities for older adults are noted.
Guiding Older Adult Learners
The material on this site has been adapted from Hiemstra (1980c) and updated with more current information. There are two quizzes regarding knowledge of older adults, the Aging Facts Quiz One or the Aging Facts Quiz Two, and answers.

Older Adult Education in the United States: Trends and Predictions. Manheimer, Ronald J.
This paper, sponsored by the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, explores the current state of older adult education in the United States and makes predictions regarding its future. Includes a list of organizations and their web sites promoting education to an aging population.
Surf's Up for Seniors! Introducing Older Patrons to the Web. Holba Puacz, Jeanne & Christine Bradfield
Practical tips on how to reach and teach senior populations by developing programs designed to cater to their information needs and learning styles.

Training Older Learners: Issues for the New Millennium

A brief but helpful article focusing on key areas and competencies of older adults as learners published by the University of North Texas’s National Academy for Teaching and Learning about Aging.
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