Library Instruction Round Table Evaluating Library Instruction: Sample Questions, Forms, and Strategies for Practical Use

Shonrock, Diana D.
Evaluating Library Instruction: Sample Questions, Forms, and Strategies for Practical Use. Chicago: American Library Association, 1996. ISBN: 0838906656

Note: Currently this book is out of print. Within LIRT, there is discussion on whether or not an updated edition should be produced. If you are interested in seeing an updated edition, please contact Billie Peterson-Lugo.

From: "Notes on Using These Questions":

This handbook is designed as a guide for simplifying the process of planning and evaluating library instruction. Its sample questions and statements, derived from instruments used by libraries throughout the country, can in turn be used to design a wide variety of new instruments. These samples are arranged in fourteen sections proceeding from introducing the evaluation form to the closing "thank you." In between come sections on evaluating materials, facilities, assignments, methods, instructors, and much more. Each section commences with an explanation of the types of questions it contains and the rationale for using them.
Table of Contents
Section 1 Sample Introductory Statements

  1. General Introductions
  2. Introductions for Evaluative Questionnaires
  3. Introduction for Open-ended Questionnaires
Section 2 Demographic/Patron Information

  1. Age
  2. Sex
  3. Race
  4. Level of Education
  5. Grade Level/Classification
  6. Major
  7. Grade Point Average
Section 3 Patrons' Library Background

  1. Library Usage
  2. Previous Library Usage
  3. Previous Library Instruction
  4. Faculty/Teacher Perception of Students' Skills
Section 4 Physical Facilities

  1. Library Facilities
  2. Classroom/Lab Facilities
Section 5 Materials

  1. Textbooks, Manuals, or Workbooks
  2. Handouts, Bibliographies, or Pathfinders
Section 6 Supporting Material

  1. Visual Aids
  2. Slides/Transparencies
  3. Videotapes
  4. Demonstrations of Electronic Resources
  5. Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI)
Section 7 Evaluation of Specific Resources

  1. Instructor's Evaluation
  2. Student Knowledge
  3. Resource Methods
  4. Tools
  5. Specific Aspects of the Instruction
Section 8 Assignments and Other Course Activities

  1. Assignments
  2. Evaluating Exams and Tests
  3. Grading Policy
  4. Evaluating the Evaluation Form
Section 9 Special Instruction Methods

  1. Tours
  2. Reference Librarian or Point-of-Use Instruction
  3. Consultation or Term Paper Assistance
  4. General Course Materials and Activities
  5. Special Presentation Methods
Section 10 Interaction with the Teacher

  1. Interaction with the Classroom Teacher/Instructor
  2. Appropriateness of the Instructor
Section 11 Presentation and Content

  1. Procedures and Content
  2. Single Presentations, Lectures, and Workshops
  3. Multiple-Session Library Courses
Section 12 Evaluating the Instructor

  1. The Librarian or Instructor
  2. The Teaching Assistant
  3. The Instructor or Multiple-Session Library Courses
  4. Quality of the Instructor: Open-ended Questions
Section 13 Summative Evaluation

  1. Grade Expectation
  2. Workload
  3. Attitudes
  4. Confidence
  5. Effects of Instruction
  6. Questions for Teachers/Faculty
Section 14 Suggestions, Comments, and Closing Statements

  1. Evaluation
  2. General Comments
  3. Suggestions for the Future
  4. Faculty/Classroom Teacher Comments
  5. Thank You Statements
  1. Sample Cover Letter
  2. Attitude and Measurement Scales
  3. Pre- and Post-Instruction Checklist
  4. Sample Questionnaires
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