By Billie Peterson, Baylor University
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My colleagues and I are involved in an ongoing discussion over evaluating Internet resources. Do we use "traditional" criteria for evaluating and adding them to a library's "virtual" collection, or is that inappropriate and impractical criteria for Internet resources?

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Dear CCC--

Recently a significant amount of information on this issue has appeared on the Internet and in a number of journals. In particular, readers with Web access might want to examine Nicole Auer's page, "Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources" and Alastair Smith's page at the WWW Virtual Library, "Evaluation of Information Sources,". This column will present some evaluation considerations which have been culled from a variety of Internet and journal resources.


Verifying the authority of a Web document is one of the most challenging and important aspects of evaluating Internet resources. In looking for authority, consider the following:


Examining an Internet resource for scope and content is more straightforward. Consider:


In evaluating design, both the aesthetic and functional aspects of how the resource is displayed should be considered.


This area of evaluation focuses on the "Internet" characteristics of the site and includes the following issues:


The number of vendors now delivering information over the Internet to libraries is increasing almost exponentially Access to these resources via the Internet can be expensive; ultimately, an individual cost vs. benefit analysis should be included in any evaluation process for such resources.


The resource has the potential of being available anywhere, anytime, any place, for any qualified patron; it can be platform (DOS, Macintosh, Windows) independent, especially if it uses a Web browser; the information provided is often updated more frequently; there may be less upkeep at the library's end.


The search interface may lack sophistication; problems associated with providing assistance to remote users; there is less control over the system's availability since it's no longer maintained locally; there may be technical issues that have to be addressed/resolved at the library's end; Some questions to ponder when considering the addition of an Internet resource to a "virtual library" might be:

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