0Tuesday. 23rd [August 1887]—Kylemore Castle, nr. Recess, County Galway
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23 August 1887 — Kylemore Castle, nr. Recess, County Galway
Tuesday. 23rd [August 1887]. After yesterday’s rain the lakes had risen & we had great hopes of catching salmon so everybody went out in the morning. Lord Normanby on “the pool,” I on the lake & Mr H. Henn on the river, Mr E. Henn on the lake but we were all disappointed. I only got one trout in the morning & one in the afternoon tho’ I fished all day & no one got a salmon. We got a telegram from Blanche saying she expected us at Garry Hill on Saturday so we settled to leave here on Friday. We had a most laughable accident after lunch. Mr Mitchell Henry, Lady Gregory & I went on the terrace outside the front door & sat talking. There were 2 garden chairs & a bench. Presently Mrs Henn came out & in order to make room for her to sit I gave her my chair & told Henry & Lady Gregory to make room on the bench for me. I had hardly sat down before the bench collapsed & there we three lay of a row; we all laughed so much we could hardly get up & Mrs Wilds looked down from her window & applauded. Mr Henn next in lighting his cigarette set fire to the lining of his straw hat. Then to make a third accident Mr E. Henn in opening a box of matches set fire to the whole box & singed his fingers. After dinner we sang in the billiard room & then went to the ballroom to hear the orchestrion & the last piece being a valse we finished up with a tour de valse.

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