Library Instruction Round Table -- Committees

More complete address information about the Committee chairperson's address is available in the LIRT Directory of Officers, Committee Chairs, and Coordinators.

Ad Hoc Awards Committee
This committee is charged with

Current Chairpersons: Kawanna Bright and Paula Johnson

Adult Learners
This committee is charged with assisting library professionals to understand, find information or promote ideas on learning styles, teaching methods, and training resources most often associated with adult learners.

Current Chairperson: Roxanna Garrison

Conference Program Committee 2013
This committee shall be responsible for annual program preparation and presentation.

Current Co-chairpersons: Arianne Hartsell-Gundy and Andrew Revelle

Conference Program Committee 2014
This committee shall be responsible for annual program preparation and presentation.

Current Chairperson: Andrew Revelle and Arianne Hartsell-Gundy

Liaison Committee
This committee shall initiate and maintain communication with groups within the American Library Association dealing with issues relevant to library instruction and shall disseminate information about these groups' activities.

Current Co-chairpersons: Matthew Reynolds and Rachel Elrod

Membership Committee
This committee shall be responsible for publicizing the Round Table's purposes, activities and image; and for promoting membership in the Round Table.

Current Co-chairpersons: Ning Zou and Ken Orenic

Newsletter Committee
The committee shall be responsible for soliciting articles, and preparing and distributing the Round Table's newsletter. The committee shall consist of the Editor, who shall serve as the chairperson, the Assistant Editor, and other members as appointed. The Editor and Assistant Editor shall be appointed for staggered two year terms and the Assistant Editor shall succeed the Editor. The Executive Board of LIRT shall serve as the Editorial Board for the LIRT newsletter.

Current Chairperson: Teri Shiel

Organization and Planning Committee
This committee shall be responsible for long-range planning and making recommendations to guide the future direction of LIRT. The committee shall organize a strategic planning retreat every few years or as needed. It shall monitor the structure of LIRT on an ongoing basis and recommend to the Executive Board, and through it to the membership of LIRT, the creation, responsibilities, and discontinuance of committees and task forces. It will review and update the LIRT Manual annually. In addition, the committee shall review the Constitution and Bylaws of the Round Table annually and recommend amendments to the Executive Board as needed. The Past Treasurer shall prepare the Five Year Financial Plan report and present it at the second Organization & Planning committee at the Midwinter conference. The Past President shall serve as the chairperson. The Past Treasurer is a member of this committee and the President and Vice-President serve as ex-officio members.

Nominations will be a subcommittee of this committee. The Nominations Subcommittee shall prepare a slate of candidates for election to LIRT office and shall maintain the Nominations checklist of procedures. The Past President serves as a member of the Subcommittee.

Current Chairperson: Linda Goff

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee
This committee will be responsible for identifying and promoting the use of technology in library instruction. Special attention will be given to technologies that enhance learning and can be easily adapted toa variety of different learning environments. Activities will include assisting with programs, writing reviews and articles for the newsletter, and promoting research that relates to our charge. Liaison with ALA committees and groups with similar interests.

Current Co-chairpersons: Lola Francis and Ava Iuliano

Top 20 Committee
This committee shall be responsible for monitoring the library instruction literature and identifying high quality library-instruction related articles from all types of libraries. Annually, this committee shall prepare and publish in the LIRT News a list of the Top 20 articles on library instruction.

Current Chairperson: Wendell G. Johnson

Transitions to College Committee
This committee builds and supports partnerships between school, public, and academic librarians to assist students in their transition to the academic library environment.

Current Chairperson: Cindy Fisher

Web Advisory Committee
This committee shall provide oversight and overall direction for the LIRT Web site. The committee may create and update content for the Web site as well as advise other committees regarding the creation and maintenance of content.

Current Chairperson: Billie Peterson-Lugo

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