Library Instruction Round Table -- Committee Volunteer Form

Welcome to LIRT and the Committee Volunteer Form! We appreciate your interest in becoming more active in our organization. Before filling out the form, here is some information you need to know.

You must be a member of ALA and LIRT.

A committee appointment is for two years. The appointment begins immediately after the Annual conference and runs through the next two Annual conferences. For example, an appointment for 2014-2016 begins in July 2014 through June 2016. You will be expected to attend Annual and Midwinter conferences. If you do not attend, be advised your appointment may be terminated.

A Virtual committee appointment is also for two years. You must attend at least one Annual or Midwinter conference during your appointment.

Volunteer forms may be submitted throughout the year but appointments begin immediately after Annual conference.

Please understand we may not always be able to honor your request for a particular committee.

If you are interested in serving on a LIRT Committee, complete the following form:
Date of Application:
ALA Membership #:

Institutional Address
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Zip Code:
Work Phone:

Home Address
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LIRT Committee Preferences

Rank your preference for a committee by selecting one committee from each of the 11 pull-down menus below. The first commmittee chosen is your first choice, and the last committee chosen is your lasts choice. (NOTE: The choices read from left to right and then to the next row in order of importance.) If there are only a few committees that really interest you, then select the option, "No Other Committees of Interest" for the remaining options.

Would you like to be considered for a "virtual" committee membership? Yes  No

If there is additional information you would like for us to know, please contact:

Vice President/President Elect
Jennifer Corbin
Head, Center for Library User Education
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
Tulane University
New Orleans LA 70118
Work: 504.314.2916
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